Investment Guide to Learning Investments

A well-kept secret to learning investments, investing, and how to invest: an investing guide that advertises making big money in next year’s best investments and investing strategies is not the investing guide you need.   You will never be comfortable with investing until you first understand what your investment options are and how they compare in terms of risk, profit potential and other investment characteristics.  First you need a good investment guide, and then you need a guide to investing that teaches time-tested investing strategies vs. how to invest this year to get rich.

Your ultimate goal should be to learn how to invest successfully at a risk level you can live with over the years, and the most challenging part of the investing game is getting started.  You can’t possibly learn where and how to invest if you don’t know how to compare different investments.  A good investment guide makes investing easy to understand by placing investments into asset classes and ranking them.  How does each rank in terms of safety, income potential, growth prospects, tax advantages and liquidity?  A good investing guide gets into diversification, asset allocation, and long term investing strategies like dollar cost averaging and how to invest with a balanced portfolio.

What the beginner really needs is a complete guide to investing that walks you through the things you need to know – in a simple logical order – so that it all makes sense and fits together.  The investment section of the guide should give you the big picture and then get into explaining stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments of interest to average investors.  That should be followed by the investing guide section that puts it all together to give you a handle on how to invest in good times or bad – with a well balanced portfolio.

As a former financial planner I talked to thousands of people about investments and investing, and about 90% of them (that could be a conservative estimate) were in the dark on the subject of how to invest.  Many felt uncomfortable about investing in general and were afraid to make investment decisions.  Why?  They didn’t know investment and investing basic, and barely knew the language of investing.  People don’t need an investing guide that promises to make them rich quick.  They need a complete guide to investing that speaks to them in plain simple English.

That’s why I spent three years writing and countless hours rewriting a complete guide to investing for beginners.  My investing guide starts with investment basics and takes the reader through investing strategies – making every attempt to keep things simple and accurate.  INVEST INFORMED was written to serve you well as a valuable investing resource for years to come.