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About Our Company and Author 

Investor Educators was formed in 2008 by James Leitz with one mission and goal in mind: providing easy-to-understand financial education to new and intermediate investors.  That is what we are all about, and our primary focus in on teaching investment and investing basics.

Our viewpoint: the vast majority of Americans are uninformed and need to learn how to invest and put their money to work in order to get ahead financially and retire with a sense of security.  To this purpose James has written and published a book called INVEST INFORMED, an investment and investing guide written in plain simple English.

It is our belief that most people can learn how to invest if they have access to a simple and logical learning program that starts with the real basics and builds from there in an orderly sequence.

Learning to invest is like learning anything else.  It looks complicated from the outside when you don’t know the basics, or even the language and terms being used.

I truly believe that our investing guide, Invest Informed, is all you need to get started on your road to financial success as an investor.  I spent over three years and thousands of hours writing and revising it to keep things simple and accurate – without making the information timely in nature.  Invest Informed should serve you well as a guide to investing and for future reference for years to come.

James Leitz and the Investor Educator Team