Guide to Investing in Today’s Tough Market

This investing guide for 2012 and 2013 is written because the investing scene could get ugly, and to be prepared you’ll need to get back to investment and investing basic and diversify across the board.  Simply by investing in mutual funds the average person can diversify across all four asset classes – so this is [...]

How to Invest in Mutual Funds and Save $$$

Investing for beginners can be expensive for those who don’t know how to invest and minimize costs.  You can invest at very low cost once you know which fund companies to invest with.  You can also get some of the best service in the business free of charge. The small investor can save thousands over [...]

Guide to Investing in Any Market

As a down-to-earth investment guide this should put the investment world into focus for you – as a guide covering virtually every investment of interest to the average person.  This is my creation, and its purpose is to simplify and guide you through the investment maize so you can make better investment decisions. The premise [...]

How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners

Here’s a very basic investing guide for beginners on how to invest in stocks.  If you know little or nothing about where or how to invest this is a good place to start learning investment and investing basics. Stocks are also called equities because when you invest in them you are buying part ownership (equity) [...]

Investment Guide to Learning Investments

A well-kept secret to learning investments, investing, and how to invest: an investing guide that advertises making big money in next year’s best investments and investing strategies is not the investing guide you need.   You will never be comfortable with investing until you first understand what your investment options are and how they compare in [...]

How to Invest in Bonds

Because few beginners or average investors understand bonds, this investing guide for beginners covers bond basics and how to invest in these popular investments.  In order to add balance to your investment portfolio you should invest in bonds as well as in stocks.  What are bonds vs. stocks, and how should you invest in them? [...]

Where to Get an Investment Education?

Investment education is sorely lacking in America, and this is nothing new.  The problem is that the need for investment education is now greater than ever, with traditional retirement plans becoming a thing of the past.  These days your retirement plan is likely to take the form of a 401k or IRA, where the individual [...]