The Book

Investing Guide for Beginners Takes
the Pain Out of Learning Investments

Earn Higher Returns

While no one can guarantee high returns on your money, you can be sure that if you are not a well-informed investor than you are selling yourself short.

How return you make on your money is greatly influenced by your financial education and can make a huge difference for you and your family. For example…

$100,000 growing at 3% for 30 years grows to $242,726.
$100,000 growing at 9% for 30 years grows to $1,326,768

Save Thousands on Sales Charges, Expenses, Fees

For example, you rollover your $100,000 401(k) into an IRA, using the services of an investment professional. He puts you into a variety of mutual funds. Your total cost: $5000 upfront in sales charges; plus, yearly expenses and service fees of $3000 per year. As your money grows, so do the yearly expenses and fees.

Or, as an informed investor, you can do the same thing through the two largest mutual fund companies in the U.S.A. Your total cost: zero for sales charges, and $1000 or less for total yearly expenses. Yearly expenses in this case ($1000, which amounts to 1%) increase as your $100,000 grows.

A Complete Investing Guide

Learn to invest in any economic environment, in good times and bad.

Our investment course teaches both investment basics and investing strategies. Successful investing requires the knowledge of both.

Investments covered include: stocks, bonds, money market securities, mutual funds, annuities, and other investments.

Investing concepts, strategies, and tools include: asset allocation, balance and rebalance, and dollar cost averaging.

Also included: virtually all of the investments of interest to most investors are simplified and divided into four asset classes.

Easy to Read and Understand

Our investing guide talks to you, not at you. We don’t question your level of intelligence. Invest Informed concentrates on filling the financial knowledge gap. Millions of investors and would-be investors are not financially literate. Our goal is to teach, and to keep it simple.

Avoid Major, Costly Investor Mistakes

Benign neglect (called buy and hold in the investment industry) can be hazardous to your financial health. Your investments will not take care of themselves.

Making decisions flying by the seat of your pants does not work either.

If your $100,000 investment portfolio falls to $50,000, you have a 50% loss. Getting back to $100,000 requires a 100% gain. This could take years.

The Author and His Background

My name is James K. Leitz and I am the author of Invest Informed. I live on Main Street and never worked on Wall Street. But I understand Wall Street, and know investing and people. I spent 20 years licensed in the financial services industry (with an MBA) working directly with investors.

As a former financial planner selling investments and earning commissions, I know the game; and how vulnerable (and uninformed) most people are.

I spent three years and thousands of hours writing this comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand guide to investing. The positive feedback and success stories we have received has made it all worthwhile.

Our Promise and Guarantee

Invest Informed represents was written for the benefit of the everyday investor. There is no hidden agenda.
If you are accumulating money for retirement in a 401(k) or IRA, this book was written for you.

If you are managing your money in retirement so it can produce future income, this book was written for you.
Whether you have a financial planner or not, being uninformed can only work against you. Invest Informed is designed to get you up to speed.

Go through it at your own pace. Keep it for future reference. I think you’ll find this investing guide informative, down-to-earth, and interesting.

If not, you are covered by our guarantee…

(Guarantee on eBook Version Only)